Welcome to Timberlake Estates!

Timberlake Estates is a vibrant residential community surrounding beautiful Timber Lake in Barrington, IL.  Managed by the Timberlake Civic Association, the Timberlake Estates neighborhood features over 200 homes on large wooded lots with plenty of privacy, natural wildlife, and walkable streets to enjoy.

Please reach out to one of the neighborhood board members below with any questions you might have about living in Timberlake Estates or becoming involved in one of our committees.

(1) Preserving the community’s traditions

  • Communication/Keeping each other informed
  • Welcome/Reaching out to new neighbors
  • Organizing and sponsoring a variety of annual events throughout the seasons

(2) Encouraging Volunteerism

  • Growing involvement in Committees and Board
  • Inviting all interested residents to give of their time, energy, and talents for the continued betterment of our community.

(3) Clarifying and enforcing the community’s Deed Restrictions

  • Preserving the unique character of our community

(4) Maintaining the health of the community’s common-ownership — the Lake and Beach Property

  • Communicating and executing a formal Lake Management strategy and plan (i.e.: informing residents about the long-term outlook and approach to a variety of topics, from weed control and the woes of chemical treatment, to lake-safe lawn-fertilizer choices, to fish habitat development factors).
  • Encouraging safe and responsible recreational use of the Lake, by promoting a strong Water Safety program through the Lifeguards and Swimming Lessons; communicating Ice Safety tips; and inviting involvement in Sailing and other activities.
  • Promoting an appreciation for natural vistas, a healthy fishery, sport fishing, water recreation, and the enjoyment of watercraft in sailing, rowing, canoeing, and kayaking.

(5) Monitoring property development issues and individual projects

  • Ensuring compliance with guidelines and requirements of the Association’s Deed Restrictions, and those of other authorities.

(6) Keeping Timberlake a safe and enjoyable community, by maintaining positive and proactive relationships with neighboring jurisdictions and agencies:

  • Cuba Township (including our Board Representatives, the Highway Department); Lake County (including our Board Representative, the Sheriff’s Department, Health Department, Building & Zoning Department); Wauconda Township; School Districts; Villages of North Barrington, Tower Lakes, and Hawthorn Woods; State of Illinois (including Department of Transportation; Department of Natural Resources; Environmental Protection Agency); Fire Protection District; and others.
  • Sponsoring initiatives such as:
    • Community Patrol
    • Safety Days and “Speed Limit 25” awareness communications
    • Publicizing environmental safety and conservation information, including SWALCO Hazardous Waste Collection events, Open Fire Regulations and Alternatives, and Natural Plantings sources.
  • Benchmarking other area Homeowners Associations and Lake Management organizations, for ideas and best practices.


Timberlake Board Members

Matt Mays

Matt Lloyd

Ronald Guastalli

Recording Secretary
Daniel Hanson

Bill Achramowicz

Shawn Moriarty

Financial Secretary
Nelda Munoz

Carter Nelson

Building Committee
Tom Hopkins