Timberlake Board Association Mission

(1) Preserving the community’s traditions

  • Communication/Keeping each other informed
  • Welcome/Reaching out to new neighbors
  • Organizing and sponsoring a variety of annual events throughout the seasons

(2) Encouraging Volunteerism

  • Growing involvement in Committees and Board
  • Inviting all interested residents to give of their time, energy, and talents for the continued betterment of our community.

(3) Clarifying and enforcing the community’s Deed Restrictions

  • Preserving the unique character of our community

(4) Maintaining the health of the community’s common-ownership — the Lake and Beach Property

  • Communicating and executing a formal Lake Management strategy and plan (i.e.: informing residents about the long-term outlook and approach to a variety of topics, from weed control and the woes of chemical treatment, to lake-safe lawn-fertilizer choices, to fish habitat development factors).
  • Encouraging safe and responsible recreational use of the Lake, by promoting a strong Water Safety program through the Lifeguards and Swimming Lessons; communicating Ice Safety tips; and inviting involvement in Sailing and other activities.
  • Promoting an appreciation for natural vistas, a healthy fishery, sport fishing, water recreation, and the enjoyment of watercraft in sailing, rowing, canoeing, and kayaking.

(5) Monitoring property development issues and individual projects

  • Ensuring compliance with guidelines and requirements of the Association’s Deed Restrictions, and those of other authorities.

(6) Keeping Timberlake a safe and enjoyable community, by maintaining positive and proactive relationships with neighboring jurisdictions and agencies:

  • Cuba Township (including our Board Representatives, the Highway Department); Lake County (including our Board Representative, the Sheriff’s Department, Health Department, Building & Zoning Department); Wauconda Township; School Districts; Villages of North Barrington, Tower Lakes, and Hawthorn Woods; State of Illinois (including Department of Transportation; Department of Natural Resources; Environmental Protection Agency); Fire Protection District; and others.
  • Sponsoring initiatives such as:
    • Community Patrol
    • Safety Days and “Speed Limit 25” awareness communications
    • Publicizing environmental safety and conservation information, including SWALCO Hazardous Waste Collection events, Open Fire Regulations and Alternatives, and Natural Plantings sources.
  • Benchmarking other area Homeowners Associations and Lake Management organizations, for ideas and best practices.