COVID Update

A Message from your Timberlake Board

We wanted to let the community know that the health department is now involved in a COVID outbreak with the neighborhood next to ours, Tower Lakes. Several kids and a couple of adults have tested positive. The spread was due to sporting events and large gatherings. We feel this is a good time to remind Timberlake that we need to maintain social distancing at our beach and as already communicated, we can not allow large events on our beach property. You can find local updates on the county website here:

Unfortunately, the Tower Lakes Beach has been closed for the season.  We plan on staying open here in Timberlake as long as residents continue to respect social distancing and not gathering in large crowds at the beach.  The Timberlake board is not aware of an outbreak here and if the health department contacts us we will be sure to communicate that to all of you.

-The Timberlake Board

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