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About Timberlake

In 1927, if you were standing at the Timberlake beach, you would have seen a meandering stream, tree-lined fairways, and a farmhouse, turned clubhouse, for the new Wauconda Golf Club. The P.L.Z & W Railroad ran along Old Rand road, past the Borden Creamery, near Old McHenry road, and ending on Liberty St., near Bangs Lake. The railroad went bankrupt in 1929 and the golf club closed soon after. Lake Cherie, later renamed Timberlake, was created in the late 1940’s. Route 12 was rerouted around downtown Wauconda around 1950. Robert Bartlett Development purchased the land, renamed the lake to Timberlake, and created the subdivision Timberlake Estates in 1953. The first home was built in 1955. The association beach was dedicated and preserved forever, for enjoyment by the members of the subdivision and their guests.

Volunteerism, tradition, and preservation of Timberlake’s landscape has always been the community’s creed. Quite a few of today’s residents are second and third generation Timberlaker’s. Timberlake residents champion the spirit of friendship and family unity.

The Timberlake subdivision (click here for map) has 191 homes with approximately 600 residents located in unincorporated Lake County Illinois. Approximately 75% of the homes are located in Cuba Township and the remainder 25% in Wauconda Township.

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The Timberlake Civic Association Board has voted on a resolution objecting to the Proposed Dimucci property rezoning request.

Click here to view the resolution: Timberlake Resolution Opposing Rezoning of the Dimucci Property

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Recent news

12/13/2012      Be aware of fraud

Recently a relative of a Timberlaker was a victim of fraud. She swears she was talking to her grandson. In reality it was somebody in Mexico trying to convince her he needed cash fast. This is a growing problem in the United States and we needed to make everyone aware.

  • They read more »

  • 9/19/2012      ZBA Hearing update from 9/18/2012

    The hearing started off with closing statements from the villages of North Barrington and Hawthorn Woods. Both villages stated that the current application for 800,000 sq ft was too much and requested that the Zoning Board consider the tentative compromise of 650,000 sq ft. Representatives from Acre and Timberlake argued read more »

    9/17/2012      Guest speakers added to Semi-Annual Agenda

    Lake County representative, Steve Mountsier and Cuba Township Highway commisioner Tom Gooch have been added to the Agenda for Timberlake's Semi-Annual Meeting on Sunday September 23rd. This will be your opportunity to talk about County and Township hapenings.
    The meeting will start at 1:00 pm and will be held
    read more »

    9/12/2012      Watch video of Dimucci Property RPC and ZBA hearings

    Debra Barry from Deer Park has been posting video on the hearings. Click here to watch. read more »

    9/12/2012      Summary of Dimucci mall hearing 9/11/12

    ACRE experts testified in objection to the zoing request for what is refered to as the Dimucci property located on route 12 and Old McHenry road. ACRE's experts maintain:

  • The idea of using a "Concept" plan to change zoning is not congruent with standard goverment practices and opens the read more »

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